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Cool Down 65 by EvanBryce Cool Down 65 by EvanBryce
Some more doodles to knock off the rust. I was listening to some Frankie Valli...yeah, I know, probably sounds like a weird choice of music, but I love the Four Seasons! I like to diversify!

I had started off with the TMNT piece today and realized something, when I get into heavy inking mode I tend to get lost in the woods so to speak. Yes, I can chunk ink at the paper, but there's always this lost feeling I get at certain points. Then I did these sketches. When I sketch out pieces, THIS is what they look like. I usually add in hatching, spot areas, and add in texture when I ink. But this is much more natural to my true line style. I feel like open line with little line variation is much more true to what I should be doing. I also used one of the first types of brush pens I started using back in the day, which keeps up with what I'm trying to accomplish. People say that you can't rely on the tool to do the work for you, but you sure save headaches because there are a lot of 'wrong' tools that you can use. Being counterproductive only hurts yourself, so you can use a stick from outside to ink with if you so choose, but you're only stifling your own workflow.

Anyway, I think I'm going to avoid color for the next few days as well. I want to just work on my lines so I can get back up to speed.
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October 26, 2011
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